Our story

Founded in Amsterdam, Formadri has been a true exponent of Dutch Design. Simplicity, functionality, and the courage to keep experimenting characterize our designs. Our ambition is to elevate these essential elements into new bold designs that complete any space.

The Formadri brand name is a composition of Form and Adriaan representing the importance of shape along with the legacy of our founder and designer Aad Verboom. The Formadri brand was launched in 2017, although some of the designs date back to early 2000.

Formadri designs and produces lamps and other furniture products. Our designs are marked by durability, craftsmanship and high quality. We strive to minimize our environmental footprint and to make our products fully recyclable. All Formadri products are made in The Netherlands.

Our collection

Our collection consists of lighting and furniture products.

Formadri lamps come in various designs, some of which can be customized for professional environments.

Besides our lighting solutions, Formadri offers a line of furniture products. Each piece of furniture has a truly unique design. Explore our Stories page for impressions of our chairs, tables, vases and other furniture items.

For our standard collection, go to our Collection page for more information on each of our products.


Our Basic Dome is an icon in lighting. The perfect shape combined with the excellent light distribution  made this light fixture an almost everlasting design. The Basic Dome comes in many versions and is highly suitable for customization in professional environments.

Our Basic Dome comes in three different models: Basic Dome, Basic Dome Rib and Basic Dome Eco. Please read more about the variations of the Basic Dome on the Collection page.


Take a look at our latest Circular collection, which is central to our mission of being amongst the most eco-friendly lighting companies in the world. Our Denim lamp is made from a mix of used jeans and recycled plastics giving it its distinct indigo color.

Our Eco lamps have an extraordinary open structure and are created from recycled plastics. The transparency of the shade disperses light to its surroundings. Depending on the light bulb used, it creates a spectacular view at night. Please feel free to download the flyer of our new Circular collection below.

Formadri Circular collection